This is a very difficult post to write. Well.No.It’s easy.And fun.Context: I was recently sent set of screenshots from a Facebook group, Female Freelance Writers.This group is (I shit you not) "... a positive, happy, and safe place" [read more]

The mantra on LinkedIn: engagement, engagement, engagement. It seems if you ain't getting it, then you ain't doing it right (for whatever dumb value of "it" these numbskulls think is important).Fact: if your purpose for being on LinkedIn [read more]

I am doing the seemingly impossible for a 55yo autistic old fart. I am learning Japanese.Why Japanese in particular?I mean it's the highest-context language known to man, and the four alphabets — kanji, katakana, hiragana, and romaji [read more]

One of the most common complaints I hear from the business owners I speak to, and read tales of woe from in the posts I see on LinkedIn, is of business being unpredictable,  unreliable, and uncontrollable.A typical [read more]

As soon as a client or potential buyer mentions the price and how it might be too high, virtually every business owner out there immediately knocks a few (or many) Groats off, even without listening to why [read more]

Why your prices are irrelevant So, let’s begin this blog by talking about Premium Pricing — why you’d want to do it, the difference it makes to your entire life and business, and how you can quickly [read more]