How to beat the headache of crappy prospects and clients and their penny-pinching, tyre-kicking, and time-wasting ways

The quick answer is CAF2.0 — short for Client Acquisition Framework 2.0. It’s been 12 months in development and some 20 years in the making, and finally dropped into our Foundations Mastermind in October 2021.

It’s a 12-module syllabus taking you from the essential fundamentals all the way through to lead-generation to sales, although not in that order and with a definite focus on sales and getting paid.

CAF2.0 is for freelancers, coaches, consultants, agencies, and other professional service providers who are sick to the back teeth with being treated like the “hired help” by a procession of low-grade prospects who seem to revel in wasting your time and getting you to chase them in the typically-vain hope of securing paying work.

So, if you're having problems with second rate, substandard, and tinpot prospects and clients, being led on, fobbed off, given the run-around, ghosted, and even ripped off by clients ignoring unpaid invoices…

… then CAF2.0 is the system you’ve been waiting for.

Because this is where it all stops.


Right now, in fact…

… assuming you have the will and the wherewithal to put it to work in your business.

Bottom line...

If you’ll commit to refusing to accept anything less than an exceptional business and you’re made of the necessary sterner stuff, willing to ruffle feathers, tread on toes, slaughter sacred cows, and stick your head above the parapet in pursuit of what you know to be right and you’d like an end-to-end process working in your business to attract the best clients and sell to them at premium fees, and all without resistance, anxiety, or having you resort to begging and discounts to secure the work…

… then CAF2.0 will change your life.

Whom is CAF2.0 for?

I created CAF2.0 specifically for service providers who provide or have the opportunity to offer high-ticket products and services to clients (by high-ticket I mean £3k and upwards, with no upper limit. The £3k is fairly arbitrary, and if you’re now charging just £2k increase your price right now so it is £3k. Easy).

So… it’s for coaches, consultants, freelancers of all flavours from photographers, Fitpros, and website designers, to copywriters, virtual assistants, and graphic designers… and everything in between.

It’s also suitable for professional services like lawyers, accountants, architects, domestic construction (sparks, plumbers, builders, etc.), financial planners, estate agents, and healthcare professionals of all descriptions… yada, yada, yada.

You get the picture, I’m sure.

It’ll be effective for these kinds of businesses whether you’re selling B2C or B2B (both to small businesses or large corporates and even government).

In short…

… if you have to have some kind of conversation, dialogue, or negotiation with prospects and clients and you have the opportunity to make a substantial sale…

CAF2.0 will work for you.

Whom is CAF2.0 NOT for?

  • It’s less suitable for selling low-value, commoditised items (e.g. High Street retail, bookshops, supermarkets, newsagents), although many of the skills will be applicable and transferable.
  • It’s almost certainly unsuitable for anyone running an ecommerce store or other website where visitors buy right “off the page”. The skills are still transferable and applicable but there are almost certainly more appropriate ways to learn and apply them.

Next steps...

If you want more info on CAF2.0 and how I can help you get it plugged into your business then send me a message below.

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