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"Clients will always treat you in exactly the way you allow them to" ~ EBG

If you want to get in touch with me about training, mentoring, or anything else, then you can do so using the contraption at the bottom of this page.

But before you do that, let's set some rules just to save everyone's time (especially mine).

Experience has shown me most enquires and messages are pointless and waste of time, energy, and effort. 

If you're looking for free advice or a "chat" about your "project" you can book an EBG Power Hour. 

Details are here.

Please, for everyone's sanity, do NOT message me about...

  • Free advice. I'm pretty sure you don't work for free. I certainly don't (and if you do, that's almost certainly a huge part of the challenges you're having right now). Don't embarrass yourself by asking if you can "pick my my brain" or whatever.
  • Discounts. I don't cut or discount my fees, rates, or prices. Ever. My answer to the question "Is there something you can do about the price?" is "Yes, I can increase it". So don't embarrass yourself by asking.
  • Swaps. If I need a butcher, baker, or candlestick maker, I'll engage one and pay a decent fee. I'm not interested in exchanging your services for mine
  • Stuff you want to sell me. I'm not interested in your SEO services, a new website, or your opinions about anything whatsoever. Your opinions are none of my business, let alone of my concern.

Still here?

OK, send me a message using the thing below.

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Business mentor, trainer, author, speaker, and autism advocate