Want to send me a message?


But, first, let's set some rules just to save everyone's time.

Do NOT message me about...

  • My prices. I can't know what my fees will be until I've looked in depth at your business, because I can't know what's entailed. That's why I go through a process of discovery before I even think about working with you.
  • Discounts. I don't cut our prices. Ever. My answer to the question "is there something you can do about the price?" is "Yes, I can always increase it". Don't embarrass yourself by asking. 
  • Free advice. I'm pretty sure you don't work for free. I certainly don't. Again, don't embarrass yourself by asking if you can "pick my my brain" or whatever.
  • Swaps. If I need a butcher, baker, or candlestick maker, I'll engage one and pay a decent fee. I'm not interested in exchanging your services for mine.
  • I'm not interested in... your SEO services, a new website, or your opinions about anything whatsoever. Your opinions are none of my business, let alone of my concern.

Still here?

OK, you have three ways to get in touch with me.

  1. You can message me on Facebook or LinkedIn. These are probably the easiest and most reliable ways to get hold of me. 
  2. You can ​book yourself a free Accelerator Session here.
  3. You can send me a message using the form below.