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About Jon...

I am available to write, speak, and comment on all areas of marketing, sales, and business development for SMEs, particularly those in the trades and the construction industry.

I am particularly well known for my work in showing tradesmen and other business owners how to:

  • Attract only the best clients and customers.
  • Sell at premium prices (way above market rates and industry norms).
  • Establish reliable, robust, and resilient sales-pipelines to ensure cash-flow.

All regardless of the economy or prevailing economic trends or conditions.

I am also available to write, speak, and comment on all topics connected with autism in older children (16+) and adults, both in society and the workplace.

Jon unleashed

Excerpts from one of Jon's events in Cork

Jon's first book...

Grow Your Business FAST, the quick, dirty and uncensored secrets to extraordinary small business success despite recession, crap governments, and tight-arsed banks

Be warned — Jon’s scathing and uncompromising style and language are for neither the sensitive nor the faint-hearted. In fact, in Grow Your Business FAST there’s something guaranteed to offend everyone.

But that’s OK, because Jon isn’t in the business of winning friends and influencing people, not if it comes at the expense of hiding or obfuscating the truth about what it takes to succeed legally, morally, ethically, and entirely above board in business in today’s dire economy, despite recession, bad government, and tight-fisted banks. So if you’re looking to have your hand held and your fevered brow mopped with gentle, loving hands, you’d be best advised not to read this book, because you won’t like it.

On the other hand... if you’re  seri­ous about increas­ing your sales by 100% or more within the next three months, you’re prepared to roll your sleeves up and get stuck in to some seriously hard work, and you’re not timid, faint-hearted, or unwill­ing to ruf­fle a few feath­ers, then this is the book you’ve been looking for.

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Jon McCulloch's bio (90 words)

Jon is autistic yet has bucked the trend and shattered the common stereotypes by carving a niche as a respected, successful, fearless, and outspoken consultant, mentor, and advocate for subcontractors and the trades and works principally in the UK and Ireland. Jon also informally mentors a small group of autistic adults to help them navigate a perplexing neurotypical world.

He lives in West Cork with his wife and an ever-growing collection of dogs and cats.

You can find out more about Jon here https://evilbaldgenius.com and here https://unapologeticallyautistic.com.