Seduction, sex, and sales

Want my help with this?

Because ... I’m looking for FOUR more ambitious business owners to work closely with me ASAP — you’ll be getting my personal one-on-one help with your biz.

We kick off next Monday. If you're even dreaming of joining us, you need to move fast.

And next time we start taking on new members, the fees will be higher.

Your call.

So, if you want my help...

... let's talk.

To qualify you must be:

  1. Most likely but not necessarily be in construction, manufacturing, or the traditional trades. But do ask if you're unsure. What we're categorically NOT interested in is ecommerce, mindset coaches, woo, or other "soft" or online-only businesses.
  2. Bringing in at least £20k a month in revenue. Much less than that and, depending on your outgoings, you're going to struggle to pay the fees and do the implementation. I'll take each case on its merits, but be realistic. I don't want you loading your card to going into debt for it.
  3. Determined, ambitious, and decisive. Because you're going to have to do some shit you won't like and it'll mean ruffling feathers and treading on toes. It's not for the faint-hearted or the thin-of-skin.
  4. Mentorable, compliant, and willing to change the way you do things. If you're the kind of askhole who keeps on asking the same question over and over again hoping you're gonna get the answer you want, keep walking, 'cuz there's nothing here for you. I want people who, unless there are objective reasons not to, are gonna do as they're told.
  5. Running an ethical business (no "woo" or slimy "Internet marketers", please). 'Nuff said. Stick your cancer cures, and anti-autism enemas where they belong.
  6. 100% committed to getting your shit nailed. Only 99%? Not enough. There's no point in getting on the phone with me if you want a safety net. I expect either a "yes" or "no". Either is fine, and "I need to think about it" is a "no" as far as I'm concerned. Don't waste my time or yours if you're just kicking tyres.
  7. 100% committed to getting your shit nailed right NOW. Is this a "now" or "later" thing? If it's "later", then we'll talk another time.

If all that's you, then go here and we'll talk.


P.S. You also need to be thick skinned. Let's not kid ourselves... working with me isn't for everyone, and isn't for anyone who isn't prepared to face up to some harsh and brutal realities.

I make grown men cry in my Hotseats. If that scares you, then stay away, cuz while I'm decent to the core, I ain't nice.

Feeling brave?

Then go here and we'll talk.