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From: The Evil Bald Genius
To: Frustrated business-owners everywhere
Re: Your business

Greetings. Evil Bald Genius here.

If you're a freelancer, coach, consultant, or other provider of professional services and you're struggling to make your business give you the lifestyle you promised yourself and those who depend on you when you first made the leap and set up on your own...

... then your day is about to get a lot better.

Because if you've been in business for more than five minutes you'll know freelance life isn't all it's cracked up to be.

You hung out your shingle on the promise to yourself of autonomy and self-determination. You'd be your own boss, take time off whenever you wanted, and swore you'd be beholden to nobody. 

It's wasn't and even about the money, was it? It still isn't.

No, it's about the lifestyle the freedom of being a freelancer can give you.

But what happened?

The reality of freelance life, that's what happened.

Here's the truth of the matter, as I've little doubt you've discovered for yourself: being a freelancer is much harder than you thought it would be.

What you hadn't counted on was how much work is involved in attracting prospects and turning them into high quality clients who pay you what you're worth. The chances are you went into the business thinking all this would be simple and straightforward.

The harsh truth is being great at your "thing" is the easy part. It's what you love and what you're best at. The problem is before you get to do the thing you love you've got to market and sell yourself and ensure you get paid for it.

And this is where so many freelancers struggle. 

That's the bad news.

The good no great news is the struggles you're facing all boil down to one of more of three fundamental mistakes freelancers make in their businesses.

Which of these 3 mistakes are you making in your freelance business?

The chances are you making one or more of the following three deadly mistakes in your business:

  1. You have no system in place for attracting the right kind of prospects and tend to take what comes.
  2. You fail to sell your services at the rates you know you’re worth and often give discounts or negotiate prices.
  3. You have no reliable or robust process for predictably getting quality leads and converting them to sales.

The good news is if one or more of those does apply to you...

... then fixing it is simpler and easier than you likely imagine.

But before we get into why I say this, please understand one thing: if you do find yourself dealing with the wrong kind of prospects and clients, constantly running around from Zoom call to proposal, and ultimately being led-on, fobbed-off and ultimately ghosted...

It’s NOT your fault

Although it is your responsibility to fix.

See, you do things the way you do them mostly because that’s the way everyone else around you is doing them. And you don’t know what you don’t know because no one ever taught you any different. 

As I said up top, you started your business because you love to do what you do. The business side of things is almost certainly not something you thought too much about. Seeing the possibilities through rose-tinted lenses is an easy mistake I suspect we've all made ( I know I did when I started, so you're not alone).

Unfortunately, you won’t learn to solve any of these challenges by taking advice from fellow freelancers who are still struggling with them.

All they can ever do is give you advice on how to live with the pain. You have only to look at the comments on the majority of complaining social media posts to see this is true.

Nor can you afford to ignore them and hope things will somehow sort themselves out.

The fact is most freelancers have never learned how to market and sell themselves effectively and this is at the very core of the three mistakes I mentioned.

Somewhat ironic because it’s exactly the “how to” promise most make to their own clients, although they’re not being dishonest since they do know vastly more than the average twonk running a business.

But when it comes to competing with their fellow freelancers they’re out of their depth, since they’re going toe-to-toe with equally-skilled professionals vying for the same business in an ever more crowded marketplace.

Thus they can help their clients yet find it hard to help themselves.

A cliché, I know.

But it’s a fact, and a costly one for your average freelancer. 

The solution?

The Well-fed Freelancer, a short and easy read describing a  simple, elegant, and powerful method you can plug into your business and get those three problems nailed, once and for all.

Get The Well-Fed Freelancer and the Most Unbelievable Free Gift Ever for just £5

You’ll receive The Well-Fed Freelancer digital book, a MOBI file for your e-reader or tablet, and The Most Unbelievable Free Gift Ever.

Here's a quick look at what you'll discover when you get your digital copy of The Well-Fed Freelancer

  • How to attract the best clients to your business while at the same time repelling the rest. Getting clients is easy. Getting high quality clients who'll pay you what you're worth without complaint... not so much. And weeding out those clients destined to become a thorn in the side? Hardest of all. But mastering this skill is perhaps the most important skill you’ll ever learn in your business, since like apples in a barrel, just one bad one can poison the lot. In The Well-Fed Freelancer everything is geared up to teach you exactly how to do this.
  • The secret to charging premium rates, fees, and prices for your expertise without anxiety or price-resistance from your clients. The key to profitability is in your prices, not your volume of sales. Not only will higher rates mean you make more money but they’ll also ensure you get a far better class of client.
  • How to stop wasting time up to 80% of your time talking to unqualified and unsuitable prospects. Most enquiries end up going nowhere, meaning statistically every minute you spend talking to a prospect is likely to be a minute wasted, and so the faster you weed out the wannabes, non-starters, and also-rans, the happier you’ll be.
  • Why you'll never again find yourself wringing your hands anxiously hoping, wishing, and praying your client would pay the damned invoice. Instead, I’ll show you how to get paid on time, every time, and right from Day One.
  • A better way to use Social media than "giving value" or seeking "engagement". Social media can be a great source of leads and business, although writing to get those dopamine-inducing likes, shares, comments, and views is not only a waste of time but also frequently actively counterproductive. Let me show you why this is and how to do it properly.
  • How to charge 6x to 10x what you're charging now without blinking (or getting price resistance from your prospects and clients). Pricing your services is as much a skill as performing them, and the only reason you’re struggling to charge what you’re worth is you haven’t yet learned how. That’s about to change.
  • How to face and deal more effectively with adversity — a MUST as competition for those precious freelance gigs become more intense and the sniping on social media descends to new lows in civility.
  • The 3 vital traits of effective leadership. A lot of people pump out a lot of hot air about "leadership" these days and I can't help but think most of them are comprehensively missing the point. Like it
  • Why you should NEVER, EVER be submitting proposals… and what to instead (and get paid for doing it).
  • Why higher fees are better for your clients. Yes, read that once more because it’s true. By charging more you can give far higher levels of service to fewer clients. By investing in you they’re investing in themselves. Never forget this.
  • The deadly danger of “banana skin questions" and how to avoid and deal with them.
  • A simple 9-step plan to maintain your equanimity and poise under ANY conditions. The man or woman who stays calm and steady under pressure is the one everyone else turns to for leadership when the going gets tough. Here, I’ll show you how to be the one.
  • The Magic Message. how it will change your life and business dramatically for the better overnight (fewer than 100 words and you always get the right answer).
  • Why others' opinions of you are only as important as you decide to let them be. Sure, they can wound but only to the extent you allow them to. Indifference is a learnable skill and you get better at it the more you practice. Follow the drills I share with you, and you'll be operating from a point of rock-solid emotional invulnerability before you know it.
  • How to get paid from day one and never suffer the frustration and indignity of chasing a late- or non-paying client ever again.
  • How to immunise yourself against the B.S. prospects try and guilt you into.
  • The 3 (literally) life-changing things I get new clients to do the moment I start working with them. Take my advice on this and it’ll change your life and business immeasurably for the better in 30 days or less, guaranteed.
  • How to promote and sell yourself without fear, guilt, anxiety, or resistance. Sales and selling have an undeservedly bad rep. I’ll show you why our negative attitude to selling yourself is unwarranted and based on flawed premises (and it’s costing you a fortune… and your peace of mind).
  • How to get the right answer from a prospect who's ghosted you  and vanished off the radar. This always gets you the answer you need even if it's not the answer you want. Best of all, it's a non-needy, non-desperate approach which won't leave you feeling like you want to cringe.
  • The ONE skill I learned 35 years ago and changed my life forever. Sounds like an exaggeration, I know, but it's not. This is particularly important for women if you want to avoid being labelled as "aggressive" or "bitchy" when you won't let others walk all over you.
  • Foolproof ways to avoid “mission creep” where you're expected to do more and more work before your invoice is paid.
  • How to stop working for free by getting on the phone for a ‘chat’ and having it morph into full consulting call (giving them reason to argue with you, try to fix things themselves, or give your ideas to someone cheaper or an in-house team).
  • The easy way to avoid putting in time-consuming “proposals” and getting ghosted as a reward.
  • A quick end to wasting your time with enquiries from price-buyers, especially when all they want is a quote they can use to play you off against other freelancers.
  • The quick and easy way to avoid getting paid late (and maybe not at all).
  • Why charging your clients more is not just good for you but is also better for your clients.
  • Why doing free “trial pieces” is such a bad idea and how to avoid it easily and without awkwardness or embarrassment.
  • A foolproof method to avoid being treated like the “hired help” and instead assume your rightful position as a Trusted Advisor.
  • Why asking your fellow freelancers for advice is one of the worst things you can ever do, even though it's the most common and obvious thing to do when you're stuck.
  • And much, much more besides.

The Well Fed Freelancer is just £5
(plus VAT where applicable)

On the next pages you'll have the opportunity to add some extra resources to make plugging The Well-Fed Freelancer into your business as quick, simple, and painless as possible.

This is purely optional and, as I'm sure you can see by now, The Well-Fed Freelancer has everything you need to know to get it doing the heavy-lifting for you in your freelance business (and then some).

I'll deliver your digital copy of The Well-Fed Freelancer to your email inbox immediately so you get started and discover the power of the system and methods for yourself right away.

Your download today also includes the Most Unbelievable Free Gift Ever.

I get it... you're probably thinking you're going to be overwhelmed with information, although I’ve done my best to organise everything so you can intuitively grasp the basics with minimum effort yet also have a solid blueprint you can follow to put your freelance business on rock-solid foundations and start attracting the best clients, charging premium fees, and having it all happen reliably and predictably, like clockwork.

More: to ensure you have everything you need to understand and get The Well-Fed Freelancer system plugged into your business without outside help, I’m also including The Most Unbelievable Free Gift Ever at no cost with your download today.

I've included this gift to complement what you’ll learn inside The Well-Fed Freelancer. It's a compilation of the most relevant and useful resources in my vault, and all together it'd set you back a considerable sum if you were to get bonuses individually.

Good taste and decorum mean I'm not going to dump the "value" on you as so many do in this line of work, although, just for context, the attendance fee at my Top Dog  event was £1,000, and for other events I've held tickets have been as much as £3,000.

Why am I doing this?

Two reasons.

The first is to bring you rapidly and fully into my world and share with you such an overwhelmingly more efficient and effective way to run and grow your freelance business you’ll want to become my client and buy more from me.

And the second is to demonstrate my claim above to you as quickly, comprehensively, and irrefutably as I can so that first reason comes to the forefront of your mind sooner rather than later, because the longer you leave things before taking action, the longer you’re going to be bashing your head against the brick wall of your business and perhaps wondering if it’s all worth the hassle.

None of this is altruistic or done from the goodness of my heart. I’m business owner just like you are, and if I don’t make sales I don’t get to eat.

Although, regardless of what you think about the self-serving nature of what I’ve just shared with you it would be reasonable accept I’m well aware of the fact the best way to get you to fall in love with me and my methods is to show you beyond all doubt my methods works and I do know what I’m talking about.

I can’t succeed unless you succeed, in other words.

And the best way I can think of to win your trust is to help you to the best of my abilities right from the outset.

Make sense?