ATTENTION: Coaches, consultants, and freelancers of all flavours

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"Clients will always treat you in exactly the way you allow them to" ~ EBG

Tired of busting a gut and running around after prospects only to have your "proposal" disappear into the Black Hole of "soon", and you fobbed off, outright lied to, and ultimately ghosted?

Yeah, I know.

It happens all the time to freelancers of all flavours, but it's especially common with women (for a number of esoteric reasons I won't go into here).

And it's probably the biggest and most frustrating and costly drain on your time and energy.

But it doesn't have to be this way

FACT: none of this ever happens to me or the men and women I've taught my methods to over the years — by design. My systems are designed specifically to stop all this from happening to you.

FACT: everything I teach is a learnable skill and it'll work in your business as well as in mine or anyone else's. If you get good at what I teach, it cannot fail you. And the only reason you won't get good at it is if you don't learn it, and then, having learned it, practice it with almost religious observance.

FACT: I can quickly and easily show you in detail how to create a system for attracting the best clients and selling to them at premium fees, and all without resistance, anxiety, or having you resort to begging and discounts to secure the work.

How much money it'll make you I can't say but I can say if you follow my advice you'll never again have to:

  • Work for free.
  • Waste time talking to freeloaders and tyre-kickers.
  • Work hard on proposals and quotes only to be left dangling and forced to chase and beg for a response.
  • Get ripped-off by fee-shaving dickwads.
  • Find yourself being fobbed off, led-on, or ghosted.

Sounds too good to be true, right?


But it's not.

Because it's real and I use it practically every day in my own business.

Moreover, I teach it to my students, mentees, and clients in exquisite detail.

And it works...

... every single time.

No, you don't win every project or turn every prospect into a client, but only a fool would want to.

Instead, what I mean is if you follow my system you will never again waste your time with shitty and unqualified prospects, get hammered down on price or smothered by expanding scope, and never, ever get shafted, stiffed, or screwed on your fees again.

Best of all, I can teach you my systematic method in just two hours and you can start putting it to work immediately, right from the very next prospect, enquiry, or conversation.

And they'll be the most intense yet profitable two hours you'll invest in your business this year (and perhaps ever).

I'll, give you a detailed, step-by-step walk-through, and of everything you need and I promise I'll give you more than enough detail so you can pick it up and run with it and watch gobsmacked as it dramatically improves your results right from the very next prospect's enquiry.

Why do I work (almost) exclusively with women?

Frankly because they're easier to deal with.

They tend to follow my advice more closely and with fewer less resistance, and fewer arguments and "opinions" than men do, and so tend to get better results.

True story...

One of my EBGettes recently told me on her call she intended to be my best ever client because she was so competitive and wanted to get the best results of any of my clients, ever.

And therein lies the difference: she is tacitly competing against herself and my other women clients; a man would be just as competitive… but would be trying to compete with me.

Can you see the massive difference that makes to the whole dynamic?

And can you now see why I take on mostly women clients for one-on-one work?

I also know there's a sizeable minority of women who don't like "mixed" groups led by men because the men — both leaders and members — tend to be patronising and condescending (and sometimes downright hostile); yet these same women recoil from women-only groups because they simply prefer the company of men.

These groups led by women are, as some of my women friends put it, "all touchy feely and full of girl-talk".

I can't comment, so please don't shoot the messenger.

And I stress: there's nothing wrong in any of this and it's all down to personal preference.

But the fact remains the options for women-only mentoring and coaching led by a man are severely limited.

In fact, as far as I know I'm the only bloke doing it.

I know… some (many.... most?) women would recoil in horror at working with me.

I’m cool with that.

After all, there’s no law against having poor taste and judgement.

There's only one catch

Well, six catches, to be fair.

Because to work with my in any way, shape or form you must be:

  • Committed to working on changing behaviours you've had relentlessly drummed into you since childhood
  • Willing to take my advice without second-guessing it
  • Prepared to knuckle down to some serious and uncomfortable work
  • Ready to ruffle feathers and step on toes
  • Able to deal with my charmingly insensitive and inept autistic tendencies when it comes to social graces
  • Possessed of a great sense of humour

Next Steps...

3 easy ways to get my help right now

First... get a copy of my new book, The Well-Fed Freelancer.

It'll not only give you some idea of the way I work, but will also give you some idea about me

It's a short read (just 85 easy pages you can get through in under an hour) but don't let that put you off. It's taken me a year to write and been 20 years in the making.

As my friend, coach, and client, Vick La Bouchardiere said:

"I have just one fear for anyone reading this book — they won’t take it seriously because it’s short and ugly.

Its author is also short and ugly, but he shouldn’t be underestimated either.

I shudder to think what my coaching business would be like if I’d never met Jon McCulloch and followed his advice (the last part of that sentence being the most critical)."

Executive Coach

Secondly... get on the list for my Daily Well-Fed Freelancer emails.

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I'll almost certainly try to sell you stuff occasionally in the emails, but you knew that anyway. And one thing I promise you is it's not crass, offensive, or tasteless.

I am and my emails are, but my selling-style isn't.

Easy, right?


Thirdly and finally... if you really can't wait and want to get in touch with me right away, then you can click here and send me a message

Got all that?

"Yes, EBG, I have.", is the only sane answer to that one.

Business mentor, trainer, author, speaker, and autism advocate

What just a few of my clients have to say about me

Kat Smith

Vicki La Bouchardiere — Executive Coach

Vicky Fraser — Book Writing Coach

Yinka Ewoula — Executive Coach to Women 

Ant Manson — Quantity Surveyor

Vegard Svanberg — ISP Owner

Kevin Whitehouse — Accountant

Gareth McShea — Golf Coach

Nick Smith — The Financial Navigator

Richard Banyard — Process Automation Consultant

Drew Edwards — Mentor to Recruiters

Zak Hurst — Plumber

Mo Yusuff — Promotional Products

Various (from an event)

From Attitude Adjustment

From Top Dog

I’ve worked with Jon since November 2018, and in the 7 or so months it’s tipped my way of thinking and how i approach my consultancy business upside down (for the better).

Jon will make you face the music and hold you accountable if you’re running around like a blue arsed fly. 

It’s uncomfortable and goes against what you "know"... but guess what?


I recommend Jon to any business owner I see going through the same overwhelm and chaos I was facing.

Long may the uncomfortable change continue. 

Thanks Jon!

Ant Manson, Manson Consulting

Quantity Surveyor

I met Jon around two years ago now and it's been life-changing. 

When I met him I was doing pretty well as a personal trainer but having to work a TON of hours for it, both in the gym AND online. 

With his help, I've managed to do all my coaching online (bar 1-3 hours of PT for people I WANT to train) and I've increased my prices by almost 12x!

I work with people I respect, and they respect me, are hard-working, get results... and above all else are willing to invest well to work with me.

I can't recommend him enough.

Phil Agostino

Personal Trainer

I work as a coach and also run an accountancy practice with my partner, Kevin. We actually began putting Jon's methods into practice from 2012 when we saw him co-present at Chris Cardell's Gold Mastermind Group and read his book, Grow Your Business Fast and joined what then was his Inner Circle. We embraced his methods around premium pricing and premier positioning, and it completely changed our working experience in terms of less stress and higher profits. We ditched problem clients, raised prices and organised our work to suit our priorities.

We'd still be charging low prices, dealing with difficult clients and working too many hours if it weren't for Jon. 

After following his methods for a time we applied to join his Elite programme, which has been a great way to accelerate progress and meet like-minded people along the way. 

When it comes to clients, Jon's focus is on quality over quantity. He taught us how to command more respect and therefore higher fees, and to repel the type of clients who are difficult to work with. We found it wasn't an overnight fix but a gradual, powerful transformation. Although some of his programmes are time-limited, you'd be wise to tune in to him long-term. He covers a whole spectrum of ideas from global mindset issues to intricate copywriting techniques. It's all good stuff and you can't learn everything in a few weeks. 

I wholeheartedly recommend working with Jon because he's a true expert in his field and has a very honest, no-nonsense approach when helping his clients. If he's trying new strategies and tactics out himself, he lets you know when they work and when they don't.

This is what sets him apart from other experts who tend to only tell you about their successes, and it gives you the confidence to go down a path he suggests when he says it works. Although Jon is very confident in his abilities, he never lets his ego get in the way of telling you the truth.

If you are prepared to put in the hard work and follow his guidance, then Jon's your man. If you want a magic bullet then you're barking up the wrong tree. If you aren't prepared to work to his rules, he'll stop working with you. Having witnessed the success he's achieved with us and other clients, I think you'd be crazy not listen to him and follow his advice. 

Of course, you have to be prepared to invest in yourself as he doesn't come cheap. Jon would never suggest you go into debt to get his help (unlike some less scrupulous experts), so make sure you're in the right place financially to commit to working with him. If you can afford him, then don't hesitate. 

Vicki La Bouchardiere

Executive Coach

When I started working with Jon, I was a recovering entrepreneurial failure. Today I run a very successful global business, I’m in the Top 0.1% of my industry, and Jon McCulloch has and continues to play a significant part in my success. Jon's copywriting skills are world class, that alone is worth any price he asks -  and his marketing prowess and understanding of how to make a small business astonishingly profitable is equally invaluable. His mentorship has been priceless to me - not just from a marketing perspective, but from an entrepreneurial one. I’ve probably paid Jon a very healthy six figures over the years, but I know this (and this is the ONLY thing you should be concerned about), my return on investment has been astonishing.

Initially Jon helped me by critiquing my copy on the landing page of my sales funnel that took my business from zero to a million in less than 4 years. And the only reason it took that long is because I held back the reigns to ensure my client experience wasn’t detrimentally affected by growth. 

He then helped me structure my business model, including teaching me how to build a continuity model which liberated my financial life - and today is the most profitable part of a very profitable business. So he not only helped me find thousands of clients, he helped me retain them. 

There’s a plethora of other ways Jon has helped me, but I’d be here all night if I listed them.

Jon doesn’t suffer fools gladly, yet the man has a heart of gold. He’s genuinely one of the rare one’s dripping with integrity. He's one of my favourite people on the planet because the guy says it like it is, doesn’t dress up the truth in superfluous language, and isn’t attached to whether you like him or not - however he ALWAYS comes from a place of wanting to serve you to the best of his ability - even if tries to convince you otherwise.

Should you work with him, and to my mind you’d be insane not to, you have my word you’re in the safest of hands.

So in summary, I’ll say this: if you DON’T do this, you will live to regret it. And it’ll cost you much more than whatever Jon will ask of you to invest in his services. A good servant is worth their hire. A great one is priceless.

Finally, just in case there is an elephant in the room, to be clear: I don’t have any affiliate arrangements with Jon, I don’t get any special deals, and I don’t get preferential rates for speaking my truth about my experience of Jon McCulloch.

Christian Simpson

The World’s Leading Coach and Mentor to Business Owners and Entrepreneurs